Trance and Techno music is blowing up in the US these days with 2016 looking to be the biggest year to date for the genre. So we want to ask, what artists should you be keeping an eye on? We have selected some artists who we feel are going to be making big waves in the US over the next few years. So here is our list: 

Stephen Kirkwood

Tempo Giusto 

Mark Sherry

Will Atkinson 

2nd Phase

Alex Di Stefano 

Our list comprises the talents of the artists pushing the boundries with their productions, these guys are endlessly pressing for change and innovation with their music. That's why they make the list. Stephen Kirkwood for one, a favourite on label of the moment Outburst Records is one to watch... 2nd Phase, another who are part of the Skapade team... Keep your eyes out US.